..........The journey that is. Why is it that a vacation flies and other portions of life do not? I guess it's the watched pot effect..... watch it and it takes forever to boil, but walk away and do something else and it's boiling before you know it.

It seems "our" journey for B's recovery has been tremendously long. I thought it again today as I unloaded her wheelchair, accessories, and bag after bag of school things from my car for what seems like the millionth time. My back does a bit of complaining from time to time and I watch the weather in dread for the day when snow makes everything more difficult.

No complaining here, mind you. It is what it is after all. We can't change what can't be changed. So we do the best we can with what we have to work with.  Progress is being made each day, albeit slowly. She can wiggle toes, and flex her ankle. These are far from being small victories. Indeed, they are huge.

And so, I choose to divide the long road into do-able chunks that I can manage. We have a routine and we are actually getting quite good at it. The shower no longer takes 2 hours to complete start to finish and other "operations" are much smoother as well.

So again, no complaints. Just a pondering of why a watched pot never boils. Or so it seems.
7/11/2012 04:14:56 pm

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