Today marks a new day in a new chapter of B's "book". After several semesters of research, she and her partner finished and gave the presentation that is a pinnacle of their 5 years of study. Much as a Master's thesis, this dissertation depicts the subject they have researched and were able to document in a clear, concise presentation for the instructors, other students and the general public.

Of added importance, is that B did it while upright. Not from her wheelchair, but with the aid of her crutches she stood at the podium and gave her speech.

Proud? You bet I am. As she should be of herself. Tremendous progress was made today. In more ways than just one.
12/14/2009 02:27:17 am

How wonderful!!! There are cheers and tears of joy coming all the way from NJ!!!! CONGRATS!! Lauren

9/25/2012 01:39:47 am

Thanks for information


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