I've waited for what seems like so long to write the words, "on the mend". In the beginning, we were told of complications which might not allow this to happen which has made this a long 3 months.

I spent yesterday in the hospital emergency room being re-hydrated with IV fluids after being ill for a couple days and was deeply saddened by thinking that I would not be able to be at my daughter's 12 week check up with the surgeon. Today was the day to find out if she could, finally, walk on BOTH feet.

Weak, but determined, I made it to that appointment and I listened as the doctor told her to "walk, walk, walk". We discussed a plan for her physical therapy and any future complications that may arise, but the high point was when he said that she could wear both shoes and wean herself from her crutches as she got stronger.

The wheelchair I was blessed to find that afforded B freedom to attend classes and be part of the world, now will receive a good clean up (snow, dirt residue) and find a new home in storage.

Can I begin to say how truly grateful I am ? To see B's face when the doctor told her to walk..... to watch her put her other shoe on...... to see her get out of her wheelchair and put both feet on the floor and walk, albeit gingerly, was an experience that humbles this mother's heart.

I consider it the most precious Christmas gift I will receive this year.
Today marks a new day in a new chapter of B's "book". After several semesters of research, she and her partner finished and gave the presentation that is a pinnacle of their 5 years of study. Much as a Master's thesis, this dissertation depicts the subject they have researched and were able to document in a clear, concise presentation for the instructors, other students and the general public.

Of added importance, is that B did it while upright. Not from her wheelchair, but with the aid of her crutches she stood at the podium and gave her speech.

Proud? You bet I am. As she should be of herself. Tremendous progress was made today. In more ways than just one.