How life can change.  We see it every day if we are paying attention, yet many of us are not. Until...
Until that moment when in a flash, everything is different because of a single circumstance or event that takes place. I've had the moment. More times than I can probably remember but the most recent is, of course, most memorable. 

On a sunny afternoon this past month of September, my youngest daughter sustained a life altering injury in a car accident.  A college student with her graduation within sight and an amazing future before her, found herself hospitalized and requiring surgery.

Talk about shock. Her shock, my shock.......the shock of her family and friends. In a blink, her life has turned upside down and now we work to right it once more.

It's a team effort this regaining of balance and we'll get there.  My dad would say "Keep the faith".  I have such faith......strong and burning as brightly as a candle in the dark.

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