B had surgery a few weeks ago and has since had her re-check. The report this time is no follow up appointments necessary until September. The doctor wants to keep track of increase in arthritis and possible need for more surgery.

She has learned what she can, and cannot do, at this point. Limitations.... a very new concept to the 20 something. But, it's not slowing her down in her pursuit of her dream.

Even though her clinical placement location scheduled for March canceled on her, she held out hope that something else would come along and it did. B's hopes have been de-railed so many times through this, her final year of school. The ride has been far from smooth thus far, but she's learning how to go with the flow of life and that's important too.

Clinical placement is planned out a year in advance to give students ample opportunity to find a suitable location, yet due to her accident, subsequent recovery and cancellation of her original placement, her's has just finally been put into effect one week before she is due to start.

B needed a miracle. Looks like she got one !
2/28/2010 07:52:53 pm

That's good news! Thank God for B's injury recovery.

5/31/2012 04:07:00 am

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