I haven't written in some time and just now realized that is the case. Since the holidays, we have gotten B into physical therapy several days per week and she has been back to see her surgeon several times.

Although she is doing very well and making progress with her flexibility and strength, she is developing arthritis in her ankle already that may impede her progress. We hope not, but it's there nonetheless.

She is scheduled this week for another operation to remove some hardware that was only meant to temporarily hold her bones together. Now that she is walking on her own, this needs to be removed to give opportunity for better mobility.

B is nervous this time. She is walking without crutches, has not used her wheelchair in a month, and last week bought a car so she can drive and be more independent. Her fear is of having any type of set back with the impending surgery.

Sigh. A long road with so much more to do to keep her on her chosen path. She leaves in another month for 6 months of clinical work to graduate from college with her master's degree. 

Each day is a new one......and if we have learned nothing at all, we have learned to take each day as it comes and expect the unexpected. So as we approach her months of clinical work and impending graduation, we do it with a great deal of hope, faith and a bit of trepidation.

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