My jitters, not her's.  My daughter will go tomorrow for her first day of college since the accident. It has been 5 weeks. I'm the one who is nervous.  It feels like her first day of kindergarten. I want to make sure she has all that she needs, but in the end, mom can't make the day go perfectly for B. She is the one who will need to navigate the busy campus hallways, full of students, in a wheelchair that she has never needed before.  She is the one who will ask for help to open doors to classrooms and make room for her chair at a desk or table.  And only she will be able to push herself to the end of the day without lying down to rest when she needs to, as she has been able to at home.

It's hard.  I want to be there as I've always been there.  She's going to get her first taste of freedom since September 6.  I suspect there will be a bit of euphoria mixed with some trepidation.

And for me ?  I will feel as I did when I sent her off on that big yellow bus when she was nearly five years old.  And I will wait with baited breath for her day to end and for her to say that it was all worth it.
10/14/2009 06:07:29 pm

You're encouraging her and building her self-esteem by letting her do these things; that's what a good mom does. We raise them the best we can and send them out to learn and flourish. I have a feeling your daughter is going to gain such strength from this experience and that is as priceless as a mother's love.

10/16/2009 04:21:46 am

I understand and sypathize with you being concerned about your dauhghter. But the anxiety and stress that you are putting yourself through isn't doing you any good. Have faith and believe that God will provide for her. She is much younger and stronger than you give her credit. She will make it through this with the grace of God. And when you look back on this you will be very proud of the strong young lady that you raised. I have you and your daughter in my prayers. This is the day which the Lord has made for us, rejoice and be glad in it.

10/16/2009 07:54:02 am

I do my best to release any stress this places on me every chance I can. For me to be my best for her, I need to be my best for me. And both comments are correct, my daughter is, indeed, stronger than I probably give her credit for. And this situation will make her stronger still. Thank you both for your thoughts !

8/16/2012 01:37:46 pm

good one article dude


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