In two days it will be 2 months since B's accident. We saw her surgeon today and she had x-rays of her leg. She insisted her crutches had to come along (even though she was in a wheelchair) for that point in the conversation where the Dr. said she could walk. Her plan was to leave the hospital on her own two feet.

It came as no surprise to me when the Dr. said that her x-rays and her leg itself looked good, but that he wasn't going to allow her to try to walk for another 6 weeks.

The Dr. continued on with the potential for so many more problems in the near, and distant, future. But she no longer heard him at that point. He said all she didn't want to hear already.

Although she tried to stop it, the tears came once more beginning with the slight quiver of the lip. I needed only to touch her leg softly and they began to fall.

No minor disappointment to a college student working hard to finish up her Master's year in the health care field. With intensive clinical work impending, and now postponed, her graduation this year also hangs in the balance.

As we leave the office, I tell her, "you're still going to get there....just by a slightly different route."

Strength in adversity.

Difficult situations and decisions are, in large part, what makes us who we are.

B: You'll get where you're going. I can't tell you how I know. I just do.
11/4/2009 07:23:22 am

The prize is a long time coming, but be assured it will come my friend. Faith and prayers to you and Britt.

Lauren Haller
11/4/2009 07:35:11 am

You know that I know that out of the bad always comes good. A different path that Britt is now on as a result of her accident, yes, but what might come from it as a result? Strength, resilience, tolerance, gratitude.....the list will go on and on as time passes. Life's hardships teach us to have faith and hope. Without the bad, there would be no such thing as faith and hope. I have found that they are the two most powerful qualities to have in the human spirit.

Tears are good. Get it out Britt. Then use your anger and frustration in a constructive way. Let it be what makes you determined. At 25, I was widowed with 2 kids and pregnant with our third. No one thought I'd make it. I gave birth alone, without my best friend, and now, almost 10 years later, have spectacular kids because I was determined. It wasn't HOW I had planned it but I was going to DO IT!!! You can too!!!! HUGS TO YOU BOTH! Lauren :)

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