Tomorrow B goes for her six week post-surgical check up. She will have x-rays and the surgeon will assess her leg. This morning,  I encouraged her to try small ankle rotations. She did and the look on her face when she succeeded was priceless.

Her excitement is contagious to some degree. She has the heart of a young person where goodness abounds and tomorrow will bring nothing but the news she wants to hear.

I, however, am optimistically reserved. I have wished so many times that I had x-ray vision and could see through the now-healing skin and see what the bones of her leg are doing to KNOW what's taking place beyond the surface.

I have also been preaching patience to B through the past couple months and have needed to remind myself of the word from time to time as well. Patience is what I need tonight........patience and a few deep breaths to hold me until we see the doctor tomorrow and get the results.
9/28/2012 07:47:31 am

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