It is said that one picture can speak a thousand words. I believe this is true.

I have one such picture displayed on my cell phone as a background.  I have inquired of several people if they recognize where, and when, the picture may have been taken. Interestingly, no one has figured out though many guesses have been offered.

The photo is scenic water with a gentle mist lifting from it, trees framing the water and the sun hovering just over the tree tops. It is peaceful, serene, and one similar to many that often grace my collections. Scenes with rivers, lakes and the ocean are restful to me and offer a tranquil respite from every day life that can be less than calm.

However this photo is different.  Serene to the eye, it's background tells the story of it's history for being.  This picture was taken in the hospital room that B occupied for several days. From my chair beside her bed, I watched the darkness of night turn to the gray of dawn, and then exchange this dull cloak for the bright colors of day.

Because B couldn't see out her window from her bed, I used modern technology to bring the dawning of a new day to her.

And now, the photo is a living reminder to me of past and's the story of what has been and also of re-birth and new chances.  It's a daily reminder to me that today is a new day.
Lauren Haller
10/25/2009 02:42:34 am

Shirley, this is wonderful. Something that you had from a very difficult time has now turned into such a positive symbol. I'm so glad that you shared that!

P.S. I had just come to see what your latest post was over the last few days and was struck by this terrific looking website!! Good for you! You've inspired me! Me not being AT ALL computer savvy, setting one up seems like a daunting task even though I know it would be worth it!

Have a good week!

Lauren :)


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