Through every recovery process, there must be a release of emotions as well. From time to time, I walk into my daughter's room to see a sad face with eyes welling up with tears. Nothing breaks a mother's heart more than seeing sadness in her child.

For 5 weeks, my outgoing social butterfly has been kept caged and unable to be free.  Or so she feels..... Her wings have been clipped, albeit temporarily and she finds it oppressive and very painful. Of course she understands.....she's in a healing phase and can't do what she's been able to for so long.  She wants to drive, walk, take care of herself instead of requiring help. She desperately longs for independence.  And so, from time to time, she lets down the walls and she cries. 

When she does, I hold her and comfort her as I know so well how to do. After all, I've been doing it her whole life.  It is one of my "jobs" as her mom.  And as I hug her to me, I tell her softly..... "Something good is coming from this. Watch for it."

And with that gentle reminder, a new light comes to her face and she is once more filled with hope that better days, are indeed, headed her way.
12/2/2009 01:00:38 am

God bless.

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