Even though I'm running just as fast I can, I can't seem to catch up with my life. A new perspective has been thrust on us all since B's accident. 

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to slow down and examine that perspective as I sat waiting for her to get out of her class. There I sat in a handicap parking space with my parking placard hanging from the rear view mirror.  As I sat there, I watched.  Dozens of people scurrying in and around the campus.  Most noticeable to me were the young women heading to class....books in their arms, texting away on cell phones in total oblivion to anything around them.

Six weeks ago, my daughter would be doing the same thing.  Instead she uses a backpack to carry her books and both hands to maneuver her wheelchair.  Texting will have to wait.

It's a thought provoking moment for me as I take note of these differing levels of independence.

In lighter-hearted moments, we joke about now getting the best parking spots, but always with an underlying respect for the gravity of the situations for which the parking is provided.

Perspective truly sets in as I glance at the red temporary handicap parking placard hanging from my mirror, then take note of the blue permanent one in the van next to me.
Lauren Haller
10/16/2009 09:28:42 am

Just thinking of you today Shirley and really appreciated reading your post today. You have a wonderful way of putting life and its tough times into great perspective! My best to you and Britt. Hugs!


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